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Equi-Ride Pro-Waxed

Equi-Ride Pro-Waxed is our premier waxed riding surface.  This contains equestrian approved multi washed silica sand mixed with synthetic fibres and blended with a high-performance wax coating.

Equi-Ride Pro-Waxed has a higher synthetic fibre and wax content than our other surfaces.  This results in horses maintaining excellent hoof grip and energy return. Your horse will ride on top of the surface giving a firmer feel for both horse and you, the rider.

Equi-Ride Pro-Waxed is low maintenance and totally dust free due to the addition of wax.

This surface is made with a light gold/white equestrian grade silica sand.  Is is mixed with neutral coloured synthetic fibres such as whites, greys and browns.

We recommend this waxed riding surface for both indoor and outdoor use, show jumping, dressage, polo, racehorse training, carriage driving and general schooling.

Call the sales team on 01302 798516 or email for more information and availability. 

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