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Maintaining your equestrian arena

Equestrian arena maintenance is important to ensure you get the most out of your arena and riding experience.  By maintaining your equestrian surface you will repel the growth of weeds and grass that lodge themselves into the surface.  By allowing weeds and grass to grow in your surface you will be encouraging the arena to retain water.

With an arena grader you can maintain your arena with ease.  Made to be attached to a quad bike or 4×4 it can be dragged around your arena to disturb the top layer and then rolled flat with the roller at the back.

One thing to remember when maintaining the surface is not to disturb the surface too deeply as this will have a negative effect.  If the tines are too deep you risk ripping your membrane and allowing stone to work through to the top of the surface. And, the surface will also become too loose and this will cause your horse to ride deep because the surface is not compact enough to keep on top of the surface.

We currently manufacture one model of grader that is a proven good all rounder.  We think is a good robust quality arena surface grader/leveller for the price.

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