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Sportrack Synthetic Surfaces

We are a leading manufacturer of all-weather equestrian arenas and synthetic surfaces.

Our range of equestrian arena surfaces have been carefully developed by our experts over the last 25 years.  We are constantly striving to be competitive on price whilst maintaining the excellence in quality for which our surfaces have become renowned.

Our Equestrian Arena Surfaces

We offer you a range of surface options. From pre-mixed waxed right through to synthetic surface additives such as fibre and rubber.  We have a product that will appeal to all budgets and disciplines.  Whether you’re a pleasure or professional rider, our vast range of equestrian arena surfaces cover all aspects of the market and each equestrian discipline is catered for.

The components of our equestrian arena surfaces are a combination of synthetic fibre materials carefully processed to the correct length and mixed with a blend of high-grade equestrian silica sand to guarantee the consistency of the final product.  They are expertly designed and blended to emulate natural turf, and we only use pure synthetic fibres because these will not rot, break down or lose strength.

Our premium wax equestrian arena surfaces allow the surface to bind.  For you, this means no watering and reduced maintenance requirements. Waxed surfaces are suitable for all disciplines, especially the very demanding training gallops, and lunging areas.

Stabilising Fibres

We have two types of stabilising fibres; Pro-Fibres and Eco-Fibres.  You can use these fibres as a mixer to your silica sand surface to top up your existing surface.  Purchase the sand and fibres separately to install your surface on-site. Or, you can use the fibres as a complete surface removing the use of sand altogether.  For more information see our about stabilising fibres page.

HotWax Inlay Treatments

We have developed a unique system for replenishing and rejuvenating tired out training gallops and large arenas.  Our system adds wax to your surface. This will vastly save you money and disruption to the traditional options of replacing your old surface with new.  See our HotWax Treatment page for more information

Arena Construction

We have a highly experienced team of arena constructors who can build your equestrian arena.  As well as supplying your equestrian arena surface.

If you prefer, you can purchase all the materials you need from us to build you own.  We are here to help you achieve your dream arena.

Other Products

For continued maintenance of your equestrian arena surface we also manufacture a range of arena graders so you can buy the full package all in one place.

Browse through our site for your equestrian arena requirements.  Each page will help you find the information you need to make an informed decision.  If you would like further help to decide on which product is right for you, please contact us on 01302 798516 and speak to a member of our helpful team.