Sportrack Synthetic Surfaces

Sportrack Eco-Fibres

We are proud to say we are part of the whole recycling engine when it comes to our Eco-Fibres, but this doesn’t mean we compromise on quality either.  Our post-consumer stabilising fibres are excellent value for money.  We shred and blend them fine enough to mix into your surface perfectly whilst still large enough to create root structure in your silica sand.  It creates a surface that imitates turf, providing a firm, yet forgiving surface, for both your horse and you, the rider.

Stabilising fibres can be used in two ways; to add to a sand surface; or to use as a surface in its own right.

Adding stabilising fibres improves the stability of new and used sand arenas.  They aid moisture retention and minimise the effect of frost on the surface.

When you add stabilising fibres to an existing surface you prolong the life of your arena.  It is a great alternative to removing and replacing it, which can be expensive.  These fibres can also be added to existing surfaces that include rubber, making them very versatile.

Using stabilising Eco-Fibres as a surface means you still achieve the firm yet forgiving surface of a sand and fibre mix.

Sportrack Stabilising Eco-Fibres are of multi-colours.  If you prefer neutral-coloured stabilising fibres why not try our Pro-Fibres.

The stabilising fibres are delivered in bales or ton bags.  The bales/bags can be placed directly in the arena for you to spread across the surface.  We recommend that you then power-harrow the fibres into the surface to achieve a well mixed surface.

By purchasing these fibres you are preventing them from going to landfill making your arena a great environmentally friendly product.

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