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Eco-Ride Pre-mixed Riding Surface

Our Sportrack Eco-Ride pre-mixed riding surface is a good quality surface.  It is a mixture of red equestrian grade silica sand and synthetic fibres.

All of our pre-mixed surfaces are expertly blended so that your horse does not ride deep and unstable causing it to work harder than it should.  Instead, Eco-Ride riding surface enables your horse to ride on top of the surface providing good structure and stability.

The synthetic fibres are of mixed colours which blend really well with the latte coffee coloured silica sand.

This pre-mixed surface is recommended for both indoor and outdoor use, general schooling, eventing, jumping and lunging.

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Equi-Ride Pre-mixed Riding Surface

For help and information about our riding surfaces please contact our sales team on 01302 798516 who will be happy to assist.