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Transforming Equestrian Arenas in Essex with Sportrack Equestrian Surfaces

In the scenic county of Essex, the love for horses and equestrian sports is deeply ingrained. The Sportrack Equestrian Surfaces team have embarked on an ambitious project here to create state-of-the-art equestrian facilities, encompassing three new outdoor arenas, a cutting-edge two-furlong all-weather gallop, alongside the resurfacing of an existing indoor arena. This large project symbolises the team’s commitment to excellence and their dedication to providing equestrians with the best riding experience possible, no matter how big the task.

The Art of Creating A Perfect Equestrian Surface

Sportrack Equestrian Surfaces is renowned for its expertise in equestrian surfaces, and this project in Essex is no exception. Their surfaces are a fusion of high-grade multi-washed silica sand and fully synthetic stabilising fibres. What sets these surfaces apart is the use of entirely synthetic fibres that do not bio-degrade, ensuring no contamination of the riding surface. Their fibres are designed to bind with the silica sand, creating a stable root structure within the surface for the horse to ride on. This not only offers a firmer and more pleasurable riding experience for both horse and rider, but also enhances safety by preventing horses from sinking into the surface.

Outdoor Arena Transformation

The first phase of this project involved the construction of a new outdoor arena measuring 20 meters by 40 meters, with a total area of 800 square meters. The meticulous schedule of work on this huge project began with thorough site preparation, levelling, and the creation of shallow banking around the arena’s perimeter. Drains were strategically installed, leading to a soakaway or ditch to manage water runoff. A sturdy post and rail fence surrounds the arena provides both safety for horses and riders and an aesthetically pleasing barrier around the arena. Layers of geotextile membrane, clean angular stone, and non-woven geotextile are expertly laid to form the foundation. Finally, the Sportrack Pre-Mixed Waxed Riding Surface was installed, levelled, and compacted to perfection.

Indoor Arena Revamp

The next step on this project was the resurfacing of the existing indoor arena, measuring 23 meters by 40 meters, totalling 920 square meters. The meticulous process begins with the removal of the existing riding surface, which is stored for later use. The base was levelled, and quarry stone added, followed by the installation of Sportrack Pre-Mixed Riding Surface. This surface is then smoothed, graded, and compacted to create a riding area that guarantees superior performance.

Creating Grand Outdoor Arenas

Another outdoor arena project entails the construction of a grand outdoor arena measuring 100 meters by 100 meters, covering an impressive 10,000 square meters. The undertaking involves sculpting the terrain to create a cross-country course, complete with steps and ditches. Perimeter drains and a central drain are installed for efficient water management. Geotextile membranes, angular stone, non-woven geotextile, and the Sportrack Pre-Mixed Riding Surface was meticulously layered, creating a sprawling arena that is as stunning as it is functional.

The Ultimate All-Weather Gallop

The final phase of the project involves the creation of a cutting-edge all-weather gallop stretching 400 meters in length and 3 meters in width, covering a total area of 1200 square meters. The process includes excavation, banking formation, drainage installation, geotextile membranes, clean quarry stone, non-woven geotextile, and the Sportrack Pre-Mixed Riding Surface. This all-weather gallop will provide riders with a consistent and reliable training surface, regardless of the weather conditions.

Why Choose Sportrack Equestrian Surfaces?

Sportrack Equestrian Surfaces spearheads this impressive equestrian project in Essex because they are the go-to choice for equestrian surfaces and arenas across the whole of the UK. With over 25 years of experience and a steadfast commitment to excellence, Sportrack Equestrian Surfaces is synonymous with top-quality equestrian surfaces and arena construction.

Their unique blend of high-grade silica sand and synthetic stabilising fibres ensures a riding experience that is not only firm and stable but also safe and enjoyable for both horse and rider. The use of synthetic fibres eliminates the risk of contamination and ensures long-lasting durability. Moreover, Sportrack Equestrian Surfaces goes beyond just surface installation. They design and build custom horse riding arenas and gallops, tailoring each project to meet the specific needs and requirements of their clients. Their passionate and experienced team of professionals collaborates closely with clients to bring their equestrian dreams to life.

Whether you’re a professional rider seeking the perfect training surface or a horse enthusiast aiming to create a safe and comfortable space for your equine companions, Sportrack Equestrian Surfaces is your trusted partner. Their commitment to providing premium equestrian surfaces, materials, and services is unwavering, making them the top choice for equestrian projects of all scales, no matter how big or small.

In conclusion, the transformation of equestrian arenas in Essex by Sportrack Equestrian Surfaces is a testament to their dedication to elevating the equestrian experience. With their expertise, innovative materials, and commitment to excellence, Sportrack Equestrian Surfaces continues to lead the way in creating world-class equestrian facilities that both riders and horses will enjoy for years to come.

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