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Eco-Ride Waxed

Eco-Ride Waxed is a good quality cost-effective waxed arena riding surface.  It contains equestrian approved multi washed silica sand mixed with synthetic fibres and blended with a high-performance wax coating.

Our Eco-Ride Waxed arena riding surface has the lowest percentage of wax content compared to our other two waxed surfaces.  As a result, this makes it perfectly suited for outdoor use as it offers great benefits to reduced maintenance.  It also makes a good indoor surface but it will require occasional irrigation .  The benefit of wax is that the surface becomes totally dust free due to the wax addition.  For this reason, it maintains excellent hoof grip and energy return and prevents your horse from riding deep into the surface.

The surface is made with a red equestrian grade silica sand.  It is mixed with multi-coloured synthetic fibres and includes some foam type fibres.  The multi-colours of the fibres mix very well with the red colour sand.

Therefore, it is recommended for both indoor and outdoor use.  For private or livery users and definitely both pleasure or professional riders.

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