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About Pre-mixed Surfaces

A pre-mixed riding surface of sand and synthetic fibres are great for multiple uses.  It is one of the equestrian industries’ most trusted surface mixes.

Adding synthetic fibres gives sand substance and firmness.  This prevents your horse from sinking into the sand and working hard to get through.  Instead, it firms the surface allowing your horse to ride on top.  This means your horse is not straining ligaments and muscles whilst providing enough cushion to not strain the joints.

Using a pre-mixed riding surface guarantees a consistent mix so preventing patches of inconsistency.

All equestrian grade silica sand is as good as the next.  The difference in colour is just a matter of which you prefer.

Suitable for all applications and disciplines, including dressage, showjumping, carriage driving, polo, lunging and general schooling. Extensively used for both indoor and outdoor arenas, lunging areas, horse walkers, gallops and canters.

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