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About Stabilising Fibre

Surface stabilising fibres are added to an arena for a number of reasons, and they hold many benefits for horse and rider.  Simply putting down sand is not enough if the horse is to be jumping and doing a lot of heavy work. Stabilising fibres are used to help improve the consistency of the arena.

Sand is a good base for a riding arena but it can absorb too much water, and riders can find that the horse can end up ‘riding deep’, which means the horse is riding in sand rather than on top of it. Mixing stabilising fibres helps the horse work on top of the arena.

The fibres are made from synthetic materials that are mixed with the sand which
aid drainage and provide a good footing for horse during movement. Synthetic fibres also help retain some moisture, which is important because it helps keep the surface firm.

Stabilisers have many advantages when it comes to riding a horse. For example, the rider will often find that their horse will feel more confident on a firmer ground. Rubber chipping will allow the dedicated rider to ride all year round, even when there has been frost. Environmentally friendly fibres also ensure that the rider is doing their part.