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HotWax Inlay System

Waxed equestrian surfaces have long been established as the ultimate choice if you are looking for a premium, top performing surface. Racing surfaces and training gallops can dry out rapidly due to their continued power harrowing and turning of the surface to provide the required amount of cushioning.

Traditionally, if you wanted to upgrade or refurbish your waxed surface then you would be looking at completely removing and replacing the existing surface.  And, as you know, this is expensive.

You can rejuvenate and transform tired and dried out surfaces by adding hot wax to your existing surface by using the developed Sportrack Synthetic Surfaces HotWax Inlay System.

By adding hot wax into your surface this will:

  • Rejuvenate and pro-long the life of your arena/gallop
  • Reduce kick back
  • Increase cushion performance
  • Reduce dust
  • Increase traffic loads
  • Reduce the risk of freezing

Sportrack Synthetic Surfaces have over 20 years of expert knowledge in the equestrian surface industry and have worked hard to develop this unique system to add wax to your surface in the shortest amount of time possible, usually one day.

This means the smallest amount of disruption to your riding and enjoyment.  The team added wax to RF Racing’s gallop this summer within the day and Richard Fahey was delighted with the results.

For more information on rejuvenating your surface call our team on 01709 845895 for more information.